Weed Control Fabric

The previous owner of our house was big into gardening, and one of my task since we bought our house is to keep up the maintenance of all the flowerbeds. Until I got my OWN yard, I really didn’t understand nor enjoy helping my parents doing any yard work. Now, working in our yard is one of my favorite thing to do next to working on my car. It’s relaxing, and feel of satisfaction when I see OUR beautiful yard, and especially when someone walking by tells us our yard looks good (may be just being nice…)

Weeding is one of the thing takes a lot of time and never ending. I have been hand weeding every week somewhere around the house. last year, I start using the Weed Control Fabric, and it seems to be working petty well. I’ve been putting it a little by little.

Since I put mulch last year, first I scraped the mulch, then clean the weeds.
Second, dig the edges of the flowerbed to tack in the fabric, then cover the flowerbed with mulch.

I have already finished side and the back of the house. There are 3 more flowerbeds need to go. Both sides of our driveway, flowered in back yard, and under the fences. This year’s goal is to finish the one next to the driveway…

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