Lost Phone and ….

So, at the very end of our trip to Jamaica, I lost my phone. More precisely, I left my phone on the airplane. Unfortunately airline did not find the phone when they cleaned the plane, and to make things worth, I couldn’t track my phone, because I had my phone turned off since, well, I was on a airplane.
Anyhow, I asked airline to let me know if it shows up, and also contacted the AT&T to suspend the phone.

Since my two year contract for iPhone is not over until June this year, I can’t get iPhone 5 (for discounted price, at least… So the only choice I have is to re-activate another phone for now, until I find my iPhone, or till June. (Or I can terminate the contract and pay penalty, and switch to Verizon…)
Though I have to do something soon, I’m just can’t give up my hope to hear from airline that they find my phone, I decided to look for an alternative just to get me through this week. Using my iPad Mini as a phone. I have a google voice account I recently opened, thinking to use it as a shared number for both my wife and I, like a home phone number.
What I need is something like a Skype, it has a push notification to my iPad when there is a in coming call, and Free (otherwise, I can just use Skype and pay premium service). After lengthy search, I decided to use an app called Talkatone. It is a free ware for the basic features, and for me, that’s all I needed. The setup is simple. Start the app, enter the google voice account info, and… That’s it! When someone call my google voice number, my iPhone rings using push notification. There were some minimum delay when the connection is bad, but in most cases, you can’t tell…

Anyhow, if you are trying to call me and went to voicemail, please email, Facebook, or iMessage me for my google voice number.


I got a temporary phone, till I get my iPhone back…
Thanks to my boss for let me use it!!

It’s Nokia Lumia 900, windows phone running MS Windows 7.5. It’s not bad in hand, and it will get me through for now, but I think I need a lot to get used too, before I feel comfortable with this….


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  1. I had Lumia 710 for some time. Nokia is sooooo tough, I dropped it pretty hard one time and only a little bit scratch. WinPhone is not the best mobile OS, but it got most of the apps (at least for me)… like my Nokia so far, and I think the 920 is really nice

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