Only the Sky is the Limit

After long time with a dent on my door, I finally completed my door swap and now I only have a just so slightly unmatched color door.

Thanks to Craig’s list I got to recoup some door cost by selling my old door. Because all I wanted to do was for the cosmetic repair, rest of the door and door parts were totally in working condition. For sure enough there’s someone needs door actuator. Probably he’ll sell the rest of the door to some one who needs remaining parts on the door. Everyone wins:)

The problem though was that we only have one car which could carry the door. My RX-8 nor Miata has large enough trunk nor cabin to fit the door, which leaves my wife’s Highlander, but I couldn’t use it because of my wife’s schedule.

Well creative mind can come up with a good solution.


I quickly made a crate to fit the door on and tied on top of the Miata’s trunk. I’m sure there are a lot of Miata owners have done this too.

Only warning to those who may need to do something similar, “Make sure you fill the gas before you load the car!” My car was low on gas and I barely made it to the meeting location.

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