SCCA Starting Line & Cincy SCCA PE1

Cincinnati SCCA has hosted Starting Line, introductory school to Autocross, and the Point Event 1 this weekend at Wilmington Airpark.

On Saturday, weather was amazing, and it was great to be able to test out my Miata freshly setup with Matt’s Shocks, Jeremy’s Alignment, and Chase’s elbow grease. Thanks for all the help to get my car ready for this year!

Miata handled amazing!

Unfortunately, the weather was not very nice on Sunday afternoon for my run.
However, driving wet is always a great opportunity to practice the smoothness. Though I didn’t win any trophy, I was very happy with my runs. Backing to the basics, accelerate and braking while on straight, and very smooth steering input is a must.

First, The PE1 videos.
My Best Run,

Run 1; The rain just started, and the course was very very slick. Had two spins on first two corners!!

Run 2

Run 3

Run 4

Run 5-1; I got the course, and was going to for some faster run. pushed a just a little too much and lost control… Luckily, There were a Red Flag, and received re-run (which I really don’t think I deserve…)

Run 5 Re-Run

And, Here are the couple videos of Starting Line Event Course.
Unfortunately without LSD, the inside wheels spins and hops, but was very easy to drive, and handles amazingly. Love the tires as well

Here, this is one crazy RX-7!!!

Here’s a video from the morning practice session… couldn’t help taking video with my phone watching its smoking tires!

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  1. Hey Tact! Great videos as always. Don’t suppose you have any videos of Stephanie on the skid oval at the Starting Line Class, enjoying her new tires? 🙂

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