CincySCCA PE5 @ Wilmington AirPark

Cincinnati Region SCCA hosted Point Event #5 at Wilmington Airpark Lot.

This was a last minute change of the venue due to the scheduling conflict at Turfway, but it all came out very well. The course was fun and fast, and my car was behaving very well.

BTW, it was also a Grand debut of my Watermelon Miata 🙂


Special Thanks to M, I got to drive his 99 Miata for a couple runs. (2nd and 3rd run). The car felt so good. I thought my car handles amazing after M rebuilt my shocks for me, but his car felt just a notch above. It has very precise feel, and then power… it has a good torque, and with LSD, you can actually drive the car while car is in turn…. (my open diff just spins the inside wheel when there’s no wait on it…)
Unfortunately, I forgot to record the video on my 2nd run, which was a better run of two I got on his car.

Anyways, I somehow managed to get mid 49s, on my last run, and it was good enough for 4th out of 15 entry. Not too bad for 1.6…

Here’s my best run, 5th Run

I did screw up on first sweeper, but you can see the preciseness through the slalom on M’s 99 miata (my 3rd run)

Run 1


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