New Host, New Page

Welcome to my new site! Well… SWMBO ( = My sponsor) said it hasn’t changed anything… but well, it’s on new server, and also is a fresh installed new theme to….

Anyhow… This is my 3rd or 4th time migrating server, and actually the first time migrating whole wordpress. I was a bit worried, and did have some mishaps, but over all, I think the transition went okay…

The new hosting service InMotion offers free site transfer for new members. I thought about using the service, and actually it was one of the reasons I chose this new hosting service. However, after speaking with their technical support guys, and reading up on several How-To-s, I decided to try it myself first to see…

While doing this transition, I also got a new domain, “Tacti.Net”. this ended up a good move, as I could test the new server and also do the transfer without dropping the connection to “”…. In Theory…

  1. Backup the old site. this was a semi easy step as I have regularly backed up my site, and also since my subscription of the old hosting goest till August, I didn’t worry too much…
  2. Transfer the Domain registrar of “” from iPage to InMotion. This is where I made the first mistake… I changed the name server from the iPage to InMotion as part of transition, and this caused my old site to be in-accessible until I could change the name server back to iPage, which was after the registrar change is completed…. 5 days…)
  3. on Tacti.Net, create a new wordpress site, choose themes, install plugin, etc. Here, another mistake… I installed the plugin, and tested them make sure all the setting works. One of them was Facebook Autoposter. I was going to turn off the auto poster after the testing, but I forgot… This caused Flood of posting when I started contents import on next step…)
  4. On Tacti.Info, go to Tools-Export and export all contents. this will create an XML File. Download to the desktop
  5. On Tacti.Net, go to Tools-Import. and select wordpress import. it will install a plugin, and then it will ask for the XML File. Make sure to check the box to download all Media!
  6. For some reason, the import only went about 800 medias and stopped… I run the import again, and it start from where it stopped, and then stop again after another 700 or so entry. Run again, and finally finished after 3 attempt (and some panic moment seeing my facebook page is post bombed by my 6 years worth of posting…
  7. Check all the links, and some of the media files to check import is successful
  8. On, go to Setting-General, and change the URL for the site. (there are two places where you type the site address) Once you click on save, you no longer be able to access your new site on
  9. Using New server’s file manger (on InMotion, it is in cPanel), copy the entire directory of new wordpress site to the folder where will reside
  10. Change the Name server from iPage to InMotion, and wait for this magical 24 hours, and once DNS is propagated, when you go to Tacti.Info, it will show the New Tacti.Info Site!

I will update this post with some pictures and details, probably next week once whole DNS propagation is completed. As of right now, the Name Server change is still taking place and most likely no body can access…. I gotta get ready for the Sunday’s Autocross now! 🙂

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