Cincy SCCA PE#2

Cincinnati region SCCA hosted their Point Event #2 at Traders World. Weather was beautiful but a little windy. The course was more difficult than I originally thought, but car handled great thanks to Performance Alignment! I think I will need new tires soon though… It felt a bit harder and squeaked more than what it used to… And maybe (not really maybe) new clutch soon as well…

Here’s my best run. 9th in 25 deep Street open, and 21st PAX out of almost 130 entries. I can see there are a lot of time left on the course, but I couldn’t put them together, and that is always the challenge in autocross 🙂

Thanks Joe for co-drive with me 🙂

2 thoughts on “Cincy SCCA PE#2”

    1. I’m using Garmin Virb XE with Auto Racing Package. (or you can get just camera only and match with any ELM327 compatible OBDII reader like this one).

      If I’m getting new one now, I’d go with Virb Ultra for better GPS. Only drawback of this new unit is that you can’t easily keep charging while recording…

      I use Virb Edit to arrange gauges etc, and then iMovie to do the final editing and upload to the youtube.

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