2018 CincySCCA PE1

Finally! The spring is here, and we got to play with our car!

Cincinnati SCCA Hosted their Point Event 1 for 2018 season at trader’s world.
Weather was great, but surface was a bit chilly to get the tires up to the temperature.

The class I run, Street Open (Paxed Street category class), was as competitive as always, and with live timing (new this year), we had a great time.

Unfortunately I missed the first place (by a big margin…), but squeeze myself in to second place, after my last run, so I’d say it was a good day 🙂 Any day at autocross is a better day than when I am not though.

I also got to test SoloShot, self tracking camera. Unfortunately my best run, Run 5 was not taken well with someone standing in front, so it’s only the first 4 runs. I did not update to the latest firmware, since I read some reviews about crashing. tracking seems to be lost when I was at the far end of the course, probably about 600ft away, and also when there are other object in front. I am wondering if it is tracking not only with GPS but also with some image recognition. Anyhow, I will try updating the firm ware before next event and will try again.

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