CincySCCA PE8 @ Trader’s World

Cincinnati Region SCCA hosted their last point event of the year @ Trader’s World International Raceway!

What a great weather for late October in Ohio, and what a great course. It looks simple, but very challenging course.
Though my result wasn’t what I wanted, I really enjoyed driving the course.

I felt very novice again as I was lacking consistency needed from one run to the next. My over all time was fairly consistent, but I couldn’t put together my “best run”. My best sector times was spread across 3 different runs, and even within each sectors, I knew I was missing some element in one while doing well in the other, etc…

My best time was 46.018, while my target time based on my co-driver’s time was 45.5, which I would have made it if I could combine one best run with my best sector times… It was after start feeling I’m getting better at the consistency this year, and bit disappointing… well… better luck next year!

Street Open class has been getting tougher and tougher, as I feel I’m stagnating while everyone else are getting faster. Patience is the key, and I still need to keep working on it. I truly enjoy the stiff competition we have in our class.

Also special thanks to Rob, my co-driver. He’s a great driver and have been learning a lot from his driving… Shifting to third in back section, middle of Chicago Box is nuts… I tried, I couldn’t do it, and I had to resort to short shifting before getting into the element….

Here are my last two runs. 46.307 for my 4th run, and followed by my 5th run 46.018.

and here’s Rob’s best run, 44.763 in first heat.

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