2019 Fall Fun Event

Cincinnati Region SCCA Solo program held their last event of the year.

What a great year! Kudos to the Solo Chair Kent, all the chiefs, and fellow competitors!
as the region grow bigger and more competitive, it’s getting tougher and tougher every year to have a good results, but the challenge is fun, and make me want to become faster.
Out of 20 Qualifying competitors (70 including non-qualifying), 6th place isn’t too shabby, but was hoping a little higher… I guess I gotta try harder next year!

With my new ride, Tofu and co-driving with Rob, I learned a lot where I can improve.
Tofu runs great, and I love the current setup. No plan on changing much for next year, except for the driver mods…

Anyhow, I screwed up myself big time this Fun Event, with 3 dirty runs out of 5… However, I had one decent clean run during fun runs end of the day, so I’m pretty happy with how I finished the season.

(Please watch this on full browser or better on tablet or phone’s YouTube player. It’s 360 degree video, and you can change the angle as you want)

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