Simple Facebook Connect ~2~

Sometimes, I  really do surprise my self with my own patience.

I do get bored pretty easily, and my temper is not that great sometimes, but once I get hooked, (in this case the challenge of connecting Facebook comment to my blog), I can keep working on it without getting frustrated.  It’s somewhat excite me.


I’m still giving it  a try to the SFC, Simple Facebook Connect.   Google is always my fried, and if you know how to ask Dr. Google, he knows the answer.  most of the time.  The key is “Know How to Ask”.  Right question always (or almost always) guide you to the right answer.  From my experience, most people who use computer does not know the right question.  Google does have those special tags you can use to narrow down your search, and it does help.  however, what’s more important pick right keywords.

Usually I’m pretty good at it.  Even when I’m completely lost, after several searches, I can navigate myself to the right keywords and they lead me to the answers I’m looking for.  Usually…

However this time, after multiple days of searching, I’m still not finding answer.  There are bits and pieces of info they may be useful, but I still can’t connect the dots..


Thus…  this is just another test posting.

hopefully I’ll find the right tools to marge my Facebook and my blog together….


well, since this is a test for the comment, and like button integration, I’d really appreciate if you could just comment on this post or click on lie, even if you don’t really like it, or just simply don’t care….

even just random alphabet would be fine!  or if  you have any suggestions, that’s even better!



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  1. Nice article that resonates with me personally. Shows that there are a number of ways that you can maintain a conversation online, whether you have economic interests in it or not.

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