Recipe: Ton-Katsu (Pork Cutlet)


  • Pork Loin (as many slices as you want!)
  • Panko (Japanese style bread crumbs)
  • Flour
  • Eggs
  • Salt/Pepper
  • Lettuce/Cabbage
  • Vegetable Oil (we used half vegetable, half olive oil


  1. Pounding Meat (this will make the pork soft and juicy)
    • I used back of my knife
    • Don’t make it too thin!
  2. After pounding, shape the meat back into the original size.
    • This will make the cutlet nice and thick!
  3. Heat up the oil in a pot (deep enough to cover the meat)
  4. While oil is getting hot, salt, pepper the pork, and then dust flour
  5. Once oil gets hot (I use medium heat), bathe pork in egg, then roll in a bowl of Panko, then fry in a oil
  6. Turn the meat once the surface start getting hardened
  7. take out the cutlet to a plate with paper towel, once both side are lightly colored (don’t have to cook the meat all the way!)
  8. Cook all pieces of pork and then take it out to a plate after the surface get cooked
  9. Once all cutlets are cocked once, raise the heat slightly and then fry them for second time
    • While waiting for the second time around, pork will getting cooked by its own heat without getting too dry
  10. Turn the pork as the punk get darkened. Take out the cutlet slightly before the color get to the desired darkness
  11. Serve cutlet with shredded lettuce and cabbage

We had it on top of a bowl of rice with the lettuce/cabbage and Kewpie Mayonnaise(if you’ve never tried Japanese Mayo Try This!!!) + Bull Dog Tonkatsu Sauce.
It’s also really good for sandwiches! (which we’ll have for tomorrow’s lunch)

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