Elephant Ears

Last year, my parents neighbor gave us a huge bulb, and told us it is called Elephant Ear. I’ve never sean such a big bulb, and had no ideal what kind of plant it was (though I was told it will have Huge Leaves, like elephant’s ears). it’s lives were much larger than we imagined. Since it is a tropical plant, I decided to plant the bulb in a large pot, and took into our sunroom over the winter. Though there were no new leaves came out over the winter, it survived and once spring came it start sprouting new leaves.

This year, they gave us another elephant ear bulb, thinking we planted out side and died over the winter. So, we went to get another large pot, and planted. After a week or so, its first leave came out successfully. then… a fw days later, I noticed another sprout coming out from the edge of the pot… Followed by third… I really don’t know what’s going on down in the pot, but it I’m pretty sure I didn’t plant them upside down or anything… the first one came out just dead center where I planted the bulb. Anyways, I’m hoping all three would grow well…

While I was outside, I decided to take some pictures of other flowers. More Day Lilies, and don’t know what the other one is…

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