Cincy SCCA PE#6 – Onboard Camera –

Here’s the results from the Sunday’s Autocross Event, and Videos.

Cincy SCCA PE#6 Results

Somehow I messed up the video of the first run, and only 5 out of 6 runs have video.
At least, my time is getting better every run, so I”m very satisfied. What makes autocross more interesting is after each run, you can talk with other drivers, and reflect to my own run, and see how I can make my next one go faster. It can be different line, different shift point, or could be something like tire pressures. My Early event, I didn’t really worry about those things much. I just went there to enjoy. Now, though the first and most important thing is still to enjoy, but I feel that I want to drive faster, not particularly faster than other people, but more of faster than I drove in last run.

My Fastest Run (Run 6)
Over all, I did okay. however, I couldn’t figure out the best braking point on the last corer before the slalom. I almost hit the finish line cone (which is a big NO, NO) but I barely missed it…

Second Run
On my first run, I was going to shift after the first right handed corner after slaloms (based on some other driver’s advice), and that didn’t work… Chicago box came up so quickly, I ended up not be able to shift until big sweeper, and hitting rev limiter. So, this run, I shifted right after the second corn on slalom. I couldn’t carry enough rev before hitting the right hand corner, thus no power going up hill…

Third Run
On the big sweeper, I hit brake and start having oversteer, then pushing understeer. It was a sloppy run. I was surprised I got better time than the second Run.

Fourth Run
I went too soft on sweeper try avoiding the oversteer on the third run..

Fifth Run
I think I did my best at the last corner. and I hit some bug on my camera after big sweeper ^^;

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