We had a joint event with Western Ohio Region SCCA (WOR) past weekend at Kilkare Speedway.
It was very challenging for me, and could not put down good time on first half. However, after talking with more experienced driver for advice, and watching other cars, I start understanding drive slow to go fast.
Hit hard short brakes before the turn, and gradual throttle to exit the turn… I’ve heard this before, but never really made sense. And still does not make much sense in my head, but it is in fact true that when I drive slow, I get better time.
Despite I was over driving and all over the place, except for the first run I didn’t hit any cone, well, even for the first run, I got DNF for getting lost, I didn’t hit any cone ^^;

also I tried a little different angle with my GoPro. just to see if I can get some fun angles.

Run 7 (The Best Run)- 51.376s –

Run 2 – 53.679s –

Run 3 – 54.268s –

Run 4 – 53.633s –

Run 5 – 52.033s –

Run 6 – 51.435s –

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