Cincy SCCA Test&Tune and PE1

It was a race weekend!

Cincinnati Region SCCA had Test and Tune on Saturday and our First Point Event of the year on Sunday.

Over the winter, I got a new shocks (Koni Yellow) and new brakes. The T&T was a great time for me to tune it in and see how they perform.
Result was; I liked it, but felt the rear to be very loose. I had so much fun driving all day.

Here’s the Video of my best run at T&T.

After T&T, I decided to change the rear sway bar setting to softer, to get some more grip on the rear, before the PE1. However, it was a big mistake. after the change, I the rear became very inconsistent when it loose the grip, and I no longer be able to tell how fast I can go in to the corner, or how much gas I could put when I exit the turn… I did terrible on Sunday, and after 4 runs, I could not get any improvement between first and last run… The first run was the slowest with 60.949 +1, and the fastest at the last run with 59.111. Less than 2 seconds of the improvement…

My wife took video of my run on iPhone for me!

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