Miami Valley Sports Car Club hosted their Point Event 7 at Wilmington on Sunday.
Since I haven’t been Autocrossing for Long time (at least that what I felt like), I decided to go at the last minutes.
It was a lot of fun as always, except for a couple spin outs that were bit too close to the concrete light pole for my taste. Especially on Run 6, I was spinning towards the light post, and when I came to stop, my passenger side was less than 3 feet away… Very kind Nathan offered me a advice on a good seat cleaner in case I XXXed myself…

anyhow, from the send or 3rd run, I start feeling the front is keep pushing, and noticed that I’m rolling the edge on front driver side tire. Last couple events, I was running 33psi all 4 and had very good result, but maybe because of the heat (I noticed driver side tire is way hotter than the passenger side, and probably it is because of the sun hitting all time while on grid. anyhow, I added extra 2psi just to the front driver side tire, and seems it helped (thanks for the advice James!)

I did 4th over all in class, but with just only one clean run, I have a lot of tidying up to do on my driving…
Slow smooth driving is the goal, but feels it is so far to go still…

Run 5, My Best Run 66.995 Clean

Run 6, Spun out, almost wet my pants!!

The rest of run, Run 1 ~ 4

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