Cincy SCCA PE#8 / GLD @Wilmington OH

Cincy SCCA hosted Point Event #8 / Great Lake Division Event this Sunday at Wilmington Airpark.

The weather was great, course was nice, and I had a great time.

Unfortunately this will be my last event for the season, and I have a loooooooong winter to wait for the next event in spring…

Overall, I think I did well on this course, but it is still upsetting that I couldn’t get on my last run clean… I got one cone at the last slalom… I felt so good through the course, and I knew I got a good run but I had just a tiny bit too much of the gas or steering input to hit one cone at the end… For the bright side, I know I can run very close to how I wanted to run… and could feel that I’ve improved a lot this season.

My fastest clean run (Run 3).

My fastest but dirty run… the one made me so upset…

The rest of runs

I put some pictures I took on the next page. Feel free to download if you like

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