Cincinnati SCCA Spring Test and Tune @ Wilmington, OH

It was an amazing T&T event held by Cincinnati SCCA at Wilmington Airpark.

The event was on their concrete pads, and course was a blast! Nice fast course with some tight turns. I did not change anything from last year, so this was more of “tuning in myself”, after a long winter. Also I wanted to find a good tire pressure settings for the Point Event next day.

I had 14 runs total. I did not really wrote down my individual run time, but all runs were in 64-65 seconds range. I started the day with 35psi all around, and ended the day with Front 34psi / Rear 32 psi. with lower tire pressure on rear, The car felt much more stable at the exit of turns. It still has the tendency to oversteer, but with this pressure setting, it is within the range I can control.



I didn’t want to create 14 different clips for the runs, so made 3 clips with 4-5 runs more for my own record.

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