Cincy SCCA / WOR / OVR / GLD PE#1 @ Wilmington

It’s been a while since the actual event was held, but I wanted to wait for the official result to be out before I upload the videos. (My second run somehow did not get recorded, but my fastest run was my third, and it is recorded as my second run, but it doesn’t make any difference in final result… so it’s okay)

Cincy SCCA hosted our first point event at Wilmington Airpark on their concrete pads! It was also Ohio Valley Region’s PE#1, as well as Great Lake Divisional PE#1, so the event was totally packed, and it was filled with very fast drivers in almost every class.

The 150 entry cap was quickly filled, and expanded to over 170 entry. So everyone had only 3 runs.

Course was reverse of the day before’s T&T course with some minor adjustment. Even though the change was small, it is a totally different course when you run backward…

T&T definitely helped me for sure though. It did wake me up from long winter hibernation, and I could started right off knowing how not to screwup too badly. Also, knowing the tire pressure I want to run (34psi front / 32psi rear) does help me get up to speed from the first run.

My very first run was okay… I did 66.223 sec. I felt I did pushed a little but not over the edge. Well, I felt okay until I heard some other guy’s time of mid 64s… I didn’t feel like I could shave off full 2 seconds…

I pushed harder on my second run, and thought I did at least a little better than the first, but the result was actually 66.365 sec, 1/10 second slower…

On my third run, I decided to drop my rear tire pressure to 30.5 psi. Hoping that I could step on the gas a little earlier. It seemed a bit low, but nothing to lose, and still felt more oversteer, so why not try… It ended up working much better. I could step on gas a little earlier, less worrying about spinning out, etc… The time was 64.142 sec. Much better than I expected. Of course everyone else has improved their time a big time not their third run, ended up 7th out of 11 entry, but for me, the improvement over my first two runs worth more than the final result itself.

After watching my GoPro video, I found I probably could shed a little more time if I went tidier on lane change section. I was pushing out way more than I thought. Usually I do okay on slalom, but the off set cones played mind trick and I was keep running behind on steering.

Anyways, it was a great event, and the pressure of having only 3 runs we’re very fresh to me (though I wish I could have more runs though).

I’d really appreciate if I could get some advice on what I’m doing wrong, or anything I can do it better.

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