Cincy SCCA PE #6

Cincinnati SCCA hosted Point Event #6 at Wilmington AirPark Lot.

The site has recently resealed, and expected (at least I was told to expect) very slick surface.
… and as I was expected, it was very slick. It was a vary hot day, and it helped a bit, but still the front felt much looser than usual, and with my rear sway bar missing, my car was pushing quite a bit. However, in slalom, I felt my rear more stable, I could step on my gas a little earlier than usual and keep staying on gas for longer time.

I thought I didn’t so well during my runs, but I guess everyone was struggling with the surface. Actual result was not so bad. I did much better than I expected after all.

Here are my runs. (I had 3 cameras, so I played with some angles…)

Run6: My best run of the day, was good enough for 1st in my class. Also, it was good enough for Street touring Open class that I will be running next year.

The rest of runs of the day (Run 1 ~ 5)

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