Cincy SCCA PE2 @ Wilmington AirPark Pad!

Cincinnati SCCA held their Test & Tune on Saturday (I’ll post the videos later this week on another post), and Point Event #2 on Sunday this weekend. Those were on concrete pads of the Wilmington AirPark, one of the premier autocross sites in the nation!

The course was challenging, fast but with a really good flow to it. Overall I ended up 8th out of 18 entries in Street Open Class. I was pretty happy with my run, even though I wasn’t even close to the trophies. I did improved on each run, and that’s what I wanted. I was spinning out so many times during the T&T the day before, but by doing so, I could get a better feel on how my Miata goes into uncontrollable spin. So today, I could keep her at the edge on most part. By the way, the car handles amazing through the slalom (yeah, I may have said it before). I could go almost flat out with minimum steering input. I simply love it!

Anyhow, here is my fastest, Run 4.

And here are the Run 1 ~ 3.

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