CincySCCA PE#4 @ Turfway Park

Cincinnati Region SCCA hosted their Point Event 4 at Turfway Park KY.
The lot is smaller compare to the Wilmington Airpark where we have most of the events and also the surface condition was not the best, however the incline of the lot makes the course more interesting.

Thanks to “J”, I drove his C-Street 2006 Mazda Miata this event. His car is bone stock, but it has a good torque which neither of my cars have 🙁
His car felt pushing quite a bit, but with a bit of playing with the tire pressure, we got to get the car turning a little better.

Being in two driver car was extremely busy, and I kept forgetting to turn on my camera. luckily J’s phone was taking a continuous video so I got to use the video from that on a few of the runs.

My best run was my 3rd, and I couldn’t get it any better. (and somehow I didn’t get to run my 8th run…)

Best Run (Run 3)

Run 1

Run 2

Run 4

Run 5

Run 6

Run 7

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