CincySCCA PE#6 @ Wilmington AirPark

Cincinnati Region SCCA held their Point Event #6 at Wilmington Airpark.
Turned out to be a beautiful day, and I had a great time as always.

This Event, I had a co-driver in my 92 Miata, and it helped me a lot. Overall, he was much faster than me, except for the one last element. looking at his driving side by side with mine, I can see where I lost time, and how I might be able to gain them back… Very Educational experience!

Here’s the comparison video between him (on left) and me (on right). I thought on this course the shorter path was faster, but as you can see, his longer but faster line is much faster at the end.

and here’s my fastest run, Run 5

and the rest. (forgot to take the video on Run3…)




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