Tofu is Officially an Autocross Car

Special Thanks to Autocross Digits!

Tofu now has a set of vinyl numbers on her, and she’s official now 🙂

I don’t like using magnetic numbers as it can scratch the paint (well, I shouldn’t be worrying about the scratch from the numbers, considering how many cones I hit on the course… but that’s beside the point!), and on my autocross car, I always liked having a permanent vinyl number on them.

I went with the same meatball style numbers as usual, but Autocross Digits did something special for me. The class I run locally is “Street Open”, which requires me to have “56 S” on the car. If I go to nationals (hopefully next year!), I will be running “C Street”, and my number will be “56 CS”. I asked him to give me some blank sheet to cover the C during local event, and this is what they did for me! He pre-printed a perfect cut out for the sticker without “C”. I am totally impressed!

I’m not really good at putting vinyls, and of course, I did screwup a little… Driver side went on okay, but the passenger side was a struggle… with a little help from a hairdryer and razor blade, I think I got it good enough for 20/20 (20MPH @ 20ft away).

I also made this sticker (label) to go on my dash…

Now car looks good, and I got the training I needed… Let’s see what happens this weekend!
(Have you signed up yet?? Come out and play with us!! CincySCCA PE2 Registration link)

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