Cones 1 – License Plate 0

Jul 21, 2019: SCCA Regional Solo 2 – Cincinnati Region at Traders World, Lebanon, Ohio by Jeff Loewe Photography

It’s been almost a decade since my very first autocross… My sponsor, SWMBO (She who must be obeyed), my dearest wife only has been to watch me run a handful of times, and never had a ride with me…
Once my father in law saw one of the pictures from the event, and asked my wife if it were her in the passenger seat, and she said nope, that’s some other girl…

Not anymore! She finally had a ride with me in my Tofu, and thanks to Jeff, for catching that one and only run she actually rode with me in great shot! Hopefully when she decides to ride with me again after another decade, I’ll be driving a little better so that I could impress her and convince her to come out more often 😉

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