CincySCCA hosted their Season Opener, Test and Tune Saturday and the Point Event 3 on Sunday. With social distance and extra safety precautions in place, I had a great time as always 🙂

With a fresh alignment, car felt amazing.
After 7 runs (!!!), I got good enough time for the 5th in Street Open, 12th over all. Still wasn’t fast enough, but I am actually pretty satisfied. I could have tidy up a few places, but as I was told by Danny, you can’t ever have a perfect run, but you can have a great run (sorry if it isn’t very accurate… and I feel your run is often pretty much perfect though.. ), and I think I had almost a great run.

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  1. I usually use a different camera, but it’s been loaned out to someone, and I brought back my old one. the cable fo that was bit shorter than the one I usually use, and needed to extend the mount which bounce around much worse…

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