CincySCCA 2020 PE4 @ Traders World

Cincinnati Region SCCA Hosted their Point Event #4.
Due to the timing issues in the morning and expected rain in the afternoon, we only had 4 runs.
The decision was right, as we closing up the trailer rain just start hitting the parking lot.

The course was scary fast, and was fun!
I didn’t think I would do very well with such power course, but somehow I managed to grab the 3rd place in 19 deep Street Open. Since there were only 4 runs, I made a single video with all my runs.
The Run 4 was my fastest, but I really need to find the way to put one run with all the best sector time…

Tried first run with staying in 2nd for the whole run, and then used 3rd on the rest of the runs. I really suck at downshifting, at the hard braking. My brake force becomes less and result in need for an early braking. But was convinced by a fellow competitor, that without practice, I will never be good at it…

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