SCCA Solo Peru Champ Tour

What a weekend!

It is my first time competing in a Championship Tour, and it’s been many years since I ran on concrete (last time was when CincySCCA was still at Wilmington…. I miss that place…)

Before anything. I want to thank everyone who were there at Peru helping me along… You helped me relax a little, and made this weekend so Fun! and of course, all the advice helped me get a little faster 🙂

Friday T&T
I was on BFG. It was a very short, tight course, with slalom and hair pin 180 turns. To be honest, wasn’t very much helpful… still didn’t find any limit of the tires, or had actual feel on how car would run… However, at least got my feet wet, and make me feel a little relaxed.

Saturday: Day 1
I started off my first run by clipping the cone at the first tight turn, that upset my car enough I almost spun. That blew all the plan in my head…. I was braking way too much, wasn’t used to the speed nor the grip…
I managed to have a clean 2nd run. Still feeling like braking bit too much, and wasn’t very confident overall still… but it was a good run. My hand was shaking from adrenaline rush, and didn’t stop for a while! It’s been long time since I had this feeling after a run….
and I blew the third run… tried to push a little harder, things came up much quicker, I wasn’t looking ahead, and screwed up…

Sunday: Day 2
With an advice from fellow Cincy members, I switched to Yokohama. I had not driven it yet, and brought it as a backup. but it supposedly good for cold, and and it was cool breezy day.
It was a night and day… I felt the grip, and I felt very confident looking for the grip. It really reminded me of the RE71R. I feels more rigid, and confident (it’s really the best way to describe….)
From the first turn on my first run, I felt so much better. (That feeling thing is really important for me. That’s the difference between confidently push the car, vs guessing where the limit is and hoping for the best). For each run, I could concentrate on a mistake or things to change, and felt like I could execute. Instantly in love with Yokohama…

After all, I finished 4th out of 8 field deep C-Street. Considering others being experienced, national level drivers, I am really happy with the results. My goal was not to finish last (I’m a member of DFL Racing Team, Don’t Finish Last) so I think I accomplished my goal for this event 😉

here’s the video of my best run (360 Video:Watch on your phone or tablet and you can look around)

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