Stickerd up!

With less than 2 weeks left to the Peru Champ Tour, Tofu is getting ready. (doubtful of the driver, but at least the car should be competitive…). the last thing was to have required stickers, Event sponsor “TireRack”, Contingency program of Mazda, and most importantly, get my car numbers ready.

Shout out to for awesome custom number!

The Permanent Vinyl number 56CS is covered with a custom temporary vinyl patch to make it into 56S for my local events. did an amazing job making this custom setup 🙂

with this many stickers, Tofu should now have at least 250HP at the wheel…
Also an important PSA. If you want to sponsor me, there are a lot of blank space on Tofu to place stickers 😉 I will even make a custom sticker for you as I did for my wife!

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