Pro Class Debut!

After hearing a rumor that this year may possibly be the last year our region will have Pro Class due to a small number of the entrant, and also with the strong push from the fellow competitor (mainly one, but there were a couple others as well… ), I decided to give it a try in Pro Class.

Street class was already a tough class to be in, and I couldn’t even win in that class, so I have no illusion to the pro class. However, being able to compare time directly against super fast drivers will help me learn.

Anyhow, Cincinnati Region SCCA held their Spring Fun Event #2 (test and tune), and the first Point event.

First, I love the Yokohama A052 Tires. My initial impression (well I was running it last year, but this new set really emphasize the characteristics) is that the tires do not do the braking very well, but shines on corner exit. If I brake too late, and try to turn and brake a the same time, they really tells me that it’s not working. However, if I slow down enough for the corner, I can start accelerating out much earlier than I was doing before, and with confidence. That’s what I was suppose to be doing in first place, but this new Yokohama really talks to me and it is very helpful.

With my “Patient” driving, the results were total surprise to me, and am quite proud of it!!
4th out of 11 entries in pro class, 4th in PAX, 15th Raw time out of total of 175 entry just behind national level drivers are probably the one of the best runs I’ve ever had.

This won’t be a easy result to repeat, but I will try to remember how I drove this weekend, and will try to do it again!

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