2021 Peru Champ Tour – Missed the trophy… Again

What a fun weekend!
Great course, great people, and very tough competition!

This is my second time attending the National Event with intent of actually being competitive. (I had experienced the Pro and Tour Event way back when we were in Wilmington site, (thanks to the Cincy Region and and National Office!) but I was very new to autocross, and I was far away from being competitive or even just to learn from the experience to get faster.. so I can’t really count that….)

Last year, with small numbers of entries under Covid, I was one position away from the trophy.
This year, with much larger group (15 entries in C Street!), my goal was to stay at least in mid pack. Somehow, I finished Day 1 at the 3rd place, with only 0.002 seconds behind the 2nd place. However, in Day 2, I could not find the 0.7 second that I was missing compare to everyone else’s time, and dropped down to 6th, just out of the trophy spot… 🙁

What I did right: Drove conservatively. stay slow and tight. no fun, exciting, wild ride, but just being true to the basic. slow in fast out, cut distance.
What I did wrong: BAD butt Dyno Analysis…. I thought I was loosing time on day two, at the second half of the course, and tried to push harder, taking a little different line. but in reality, that was the slower line, and I actually was ended up loosing time that I gained in first half just by driving a little better…

Anyhow, I had a great weekend, met great people and that’s what matters!

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