Can't Decide….

Long time ago, when I was still delyoung and innocent,/del in high school, I bought a cordless drill at some randome store (pep boys or something) for 30 bucks or so… Its not even by a tool maker, but says Coleman on the side.

For camping gear branded, cheap drill, it did such a great job. I loved the tool and used it for everything, from wood working to small and large jobs around the house. However after almost a decade, the battery start loosing charge, and I cant find a new battery for it. I started to look for a new drill, right before thanksgiving, and it didnt give me enough time to do my research for my next drill purchase. As my wife can vouch, I do really extensive research before I buy any large purchase (not just talking about actual price, but when I consider any higher end products).

After some looking around and reading tons about drills, I finally narrow them down to Rigid (for their life time warranty), and DeWalt (for their name value, and reputation), and Makita (for appraise from a lot of core fans of their brand). Panasonic makes great tools, but for my needs, it is a bit of overkill and out of my budget… After a few hands on, Rigid was off the list for the weight.

Now, I got 3 choices left on my list. DeWalts DCK285C2, Makitas LCT200W, and also the Makitas lxt211.

All kit come with an impact driver and LCT200W include a regular drill, and other two comes with a hammer drill. LCT200W is $200, DeWalt DCK285C2 is $229, and LXT211 is $269 but found refurbished one for $229.

Both LCT200W and DCK285 are newly released models, but LXT211 is some what older model, but one grade higher line than other two…

Ive been searching a lot, reading a lot, and well, still cant decide, at all…..

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