Western Ohio Region SCCA hosted their first point event of the year at Upper Valley Mall.

The weather was great, and course was challenging. (and my car was challenging too….)
Good combination of technical tight corners, and high speed sections followed by again tighter sections. Switching from one speed zone to another felt very odd, and made it interesting.

Unfortunately, my car’s alignment was quite a bit off, and I couldn’t step on gas at corner exit as I used to do last season. Hopefully it’ll get fixed before the next event, Cincy’s Point Event 1 at Traders World.

Anyhow, Here’s the video of My Fastest run (on record, but it was before the course change), and my fastest run after the course change, and also the co-driver, pat’s best run.

Also, Special thanks to Keith for great pictures!

4 thoughts on “2017 WOR SCCA PE1”

  1. if you don’t see your car, contact Keith and ask if he’s got any picture of your car. let him know you were on third heat, and driving red miata with number 3 and/or 13

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