CincySCCA Fun Event @ Wilmington AirPark

Cincinnati region SCCA held their last event of the year 2015, Fun Event at Wilmington AirPark.

First of all, I’d like to thank EVERYONE who made this year such a great year. SoloChairs, executive members, course designers, and everyone who attend and compete this year. I had a great time, and learned a lot about driving faster. I won’t name each of you, (I don’t like posting people’s name online, but you know who you are!) but especially those gave me advice, help, moral support, and friendship.

Also thanks to the folks of Wilmington! Especially BP for morning coffee, Generations Pizzeria for burger, hotdog, oh and pizza of course!, Happy Wok for my dumpling craving, Walmart for last minutes supply needs, like oil 🙂

Anyhow, this fun event was great way to conclude my year of tweaking and learning my Miata and my driving. Thanks everyone for letting me drive their car and thanks for driving mine, and sorry for wasting your tires by spinning and some cone marks. let me know if I owe you some buffing 🙂
What I learned on this event… I suck at driving anything with more than 120 HP… but I can drive NA and NB miata, okay. I can drive slow car, not so slow, I guess.

Here’s my best run of 28.225 on my NA 1.6 with open diff Miata. Not too slow for such slow car 🙂
Also I tried driving gloves for first time this event. Somehow, I can’t help grubbing with my thumbs in (bad) with the gloves. I usually don’t do that without gloves before…

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