Cincinnati Region SCCA hosted their Solo Point Event #3 at Trader’s World.

I was on 1st heat, started with wet condition, and surface was start drying up a little around my 3rd run, and then went full wet on my 4th and 5th runs.
Luckily I manage to compose my 3rd run without any major mistakes.
This is my best run, 3rd run, in semi-wet/dry… still some sketchy sections, but managed to keep Tofu under control.

As long as there were a little grip, Tofu felt great. However, under full wet condition, she became so hard to predict, especially comparing to the Spoon (NB).
The patience sticker on my dash helps me reminding to drive smooth and patiently. Another advice I got from someone this weekend; Have a passenger, and explain what I’m doing while driving. “I’m start braking and turning in. looking at the cone over there, and slowly throttling, etc”. this will slow down the input and force a smooth driving… sounds really hard, but maybe I’ll try it at the next event 🙂

Full Wet run for your entertainment!

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